Advisor ⇄ Founder Dinners
in NYC Each Month
Mountain View

Startups and first time advisors, we encourage you to apply! (To be transparent, we accept about 1 in 5 applicants) 

Become a Member

Joining the Tribe Experiment starts with a conversation. We speak with each of our members before their first Gathering to understand their goals and explore for areas where Tribe can help.

Join a Gathering

Once you have joined the Tribe community, you will receive an invitation to one of our home-cooked advisor, founder dinners. Note, everything we do is (free of charge)

Advise or Invest

Eat, drink, and enjoy good company- the best working relationships begin as friendships. If there is a good fit, discuss next steps. We are here as a neutral 3rd party to facilitate new advisor, founder relationships.

Tribe Advisors Build Companies Including...