Our Story

It started with a dinner invitation. The co-founders came together with the intention of advising early stage businesses. We suspected that there were other, would-be advisors out there with practical domain knowledge and a whole lot of founders that would benefit from getting to know them. The response was overwhelming. In hours, several hundred people, from programmers to c-level executives, raised their hands to join us.

We organized and shared our thinking on this and we are calling what formed the Tribe Experiment. Tribe Experiment catalyzes relationships between first-time advisors and early stage businesses over home cooked meals. These Tribe Gatherings are at the center of what we do, they ground us in our shared ethos of giving, humility, and authenticity.

Joining the Tribe Experiment starts with a conversation. We speak with each of our members before their first Gathering to understand their goals within the Tribe mission. We then carefully select attendees for each Gathering, ensuring that interests are aligned and that each event results in win-win outcomes for every member, no exceptions.

If this resonates, we invite you to join the Experiment.

Mountain View